Advances and milestones that we will achieve with this project

development phases


The project aims to generate a pilot prototype of the logistics plan that allows the joint development and validation of those technologies considered essential

Validation of the intra-logistics solution
This involves the implementation of the prototype in three phases: firstly, the off-line validation of the intra-logistics solution with all the subsystems proposed in the project; secondly, the on-line validation of the intra-logistics solution; and thirdly, the FOS (Full Operative System) integration to be able to demonstrate the intra-logistics solution in the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes.
Edge Computing and 5G Applications for Connected Industry
This section of the project consists in researching and defining the optimal Edge Computing solution for the intra-logistics case scenario within the park. Furthermore, the Edge Computing solution is to be implemented and the 5G-based service applications are to be deployed on this technology. These applications must also be tested and validated.
Smart Logistics Platform
Within the framework of the 5G LOGIC project, a robust, secure and agile information system will be developed to connect all the agents and elements that intervene in the logistics operation within an industrial park, thus coordinating these agents and their actions.
Connected autonomous electric vehicle
It is essential to complete R&D for a minimum viable prototype of a connected autonomous electric vehicle, as well as the integration of this prototype into the smart logistics platform. Finally, at this point of the project, the prototype must be validated in the industrial area of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes.
Industrial planning and deployment of the Private 5G Network
We will strive to attain the optimal Private 5G Network deployment solution in the area of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes, as well as to create a digital twin framework in the environment of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes.

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