Digitalisation of the logistics processes of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park.



The 5G LOGIC project will have a high impact on the digitalisation of the logistics processes of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes
Impact RIS3CV:
The 5G LOGIC project is integrated with the strategic objectives of RIS3CV because it proposes the evolution of intra-logistics processes in the Juan Carlos I industrial park in Almussafes. This is achieved by introducing technologies such as 5G, Edge Computing, UWB radars, shared data spaces, software platform for digital twin, Big DATA, Artifical Intelligence and Vehicle to Everything (V2X) communication systems. Por otro lado, permite el uso versátil de las TIC como impulsoras del cambio, ya que propone la validación de un despliegue y configuración de una Red 5G SA como impulsora del cambio y digitalización de los procesos en el entorno industrial del Parque Juan Carlos I de Almussafes. Se validará esta digitalización en uno de los procesos clave dentro de este parque industrial como es la logística de las empresas. Otro impacto de este proyecto alineado con la estrategia RIS3CV es la posibilidad que ofrece al Parque Juan Carlos I de Almussafes de convertirse en un nodo logístico y competitivo que garantiza su desarrollo futuro.
Economic Impact:
This project will attract investment from multinational companies in the ICT sector, mainly because the results of the project will enable other applications that can be useful to both new technology companies and companies acting as end-users. The 5G Logistics Platform is expected to become a marketable opportunity for other industrial areas both nationally and internationally. Given the size of the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park in Almussafes and the concentration of national and multinational companies, this industrial complex is a beacon of wealth and well-being for the Valencian society as a whole. The implementation of 5G technology in a multitude of sectors will allow an optimisation of resources.
Environmental impact
This is one of the areas of greatest impact of this project because of: i) Increased efficiency in the consumption of natural and energy resources. ii) Reduction of environmental control iii) Reduction of carbon footprint
Social impact:
The project will prevent brain drain in Valencian and Spanish universities by providing qualified employment and bringing in multinationals with a need for qualified technicians. This project makes it possible to master and boost technical knowledge through 5G technology related to R&D&I, within the framework of an industrial environment such as the Juan Carlos I Industrial Park. The aim is for this knowledge to lead to the creation of an innovation hub in the Valencian industrial environment.

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